Travel Theme: Numbers

Numbers (640x499)

Good morning from a very sunny but frosty Hastings morning.  The temperature must have dropped last night as I got woken up by the helicopters over the orchards and vineyards.  They are used to break up the frosty air over the plants to protect the delicate fruit that is starting to form.  It sounds like an alien invasion with it’s constant drone.

Anyway this was a really hard challenge from Ailsa for her Travel Theme.  Numbers.  Not something I normally take photos of.  So I immediately thought of our clock tower.  But no, the tower has Roman numbers – numbers of sort I suppose.

Then I found this photo.  I had taken my mother to her doctor to have some blood tests.  She insisted that I wait in the car so I got totally bored.  So what do you do? Get the phone out and take stupid photos.  So this is of my speedometer.  Edited with Photoscape.

Travel theme: Numbers

Thanks for visiting and I will catch up with you all later.