Cee’s Oddball Foto Challenge: Socks in a kitchen drawer

Socks in a drawer

Good morning from an overcast day here in Hastings.  The weather forecast is not so great today.  Heavy rain.  So I will have the computer set up to watch Murdoch’s Mysteries and do my quilt.  For those of you who want to see how I am getting on with my antique quilt can follow me on Instagram – decocraftsnz.

Plus it is Labour Day here so it is a public holiday.  Usually it is the time to traditionally get your vegetable garden planted so that the crops are ready for Christmas, which is about 2 months away.  Scary thought.   Since I have to look at moving that won’t be happening here.

So it is time for Cee’s Oddball Foto Challenge where anything goes.

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: Week 35

Don’t you just wonder where all the missing socks go.  You put them in the washing machine, only for the washing machine to gobble them up.  Well my daughter and I had a giggle when I opened this drawer in the kitchen to get a tea towel and found a pair of socks had made themselves at home.  So of course, out comes the camera.

What probably did happen was that I had grabbed the socks with the tea towels when I put them there.  Funny thing is, I can’t remember seeing any socks and they were right as on top as you see them in the photo.  They were clean, thank goodness as they belong to my large teenage son.  Phew




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Travel Theme: Numbers

Numbers (640x499)

Good morning from a very sunny but frosty Hastings morning.  The temperature must have dropped last night as I got woken up by the helicopters over the orchards and vineyards.  They are used to break up the frosty air over the plants to protect the delicate fruit that is starting to form.  It sounds like an alien invasion with it’s constant drone.

Anyway this was a really hard challenge from Ailsa for her Travel Theme.  Numbers.  Not something I normally take photos of.  So I immediately thought of our clock tower.  But no, the tower has Roman numbers – numbers of sort I suppose.

Then I found this photo.  I had taken my mother to her doctor to have some blood tests.  She insisted that I wait in the car so I got totally bored.  So what do you do? Get the phone out and take stupid photos.  So this is of my speedometer.  Edited with Photoscape.

Travel theme: Numbers



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The Daily Post: Cover Art- Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey (640x484)

Good morning from a cold but very sunny Hastings day.

Before I start on my post I wish to categorically state that I have never read this book, nor do I intend to or see the movie.  I just loved this image in grey tones and that title just popped into my head.

Anyway the prompt from the Daily Post is cover art.


The challenge is get our creative juices going to create an image as a cover for a book, song or movie.

I love reflections and this one was awesome in colour but then I converted this using the grey tone filter in Windows Live Gallery.  I love that it has that ripple affect in the top left hand corner and that the tree is twisted in the reflections.  I will leave that up to you to interpret the image as you will.





Weekly Photo Challenge : Cover Art- Inside A Flower

For The Sake Of Art – Run For Cover…



WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art


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A Photo a Week: My bucket list

Antique quilt (462x640)

This is an interesting prompt from Nancy this week:


When I was still at school I had a bucket list of sorts.  I loved history and being in New Zealand we were so far away from where the action was so to speak.  Many Kiwis traveled overseas – it is called the OE – Overseas Experience.  Mine lasted 15 years. So here is some of the things I wanted to do and see.

1. After reading about Bonnie Prince Charlie I had to go to Scotland and see the Island of Skye – done.

2. After reading about the princes in the tower I wanted to see the Tower of London – done.

3.  I was fascinated by Henry VIII so Hampton Court was on my list as well – done.

4. Paris was also on my list – done.

5. Rome also done.

6. After watching all the Cold War movies I was fascinated with the Iron Curtain.  I managed to get to Berlin before and after the wall came down.  This was really interesting – I have quite a few stories to tell from this city.

7.  I was also fascinated by the history of Russia and in particular the Russian Revolution and the fate of the royal family.  Anyway I had a math teacher (the best math teacher I ever had), anyway he was a weightlifter and traveled to Russia for the Olympic Games when they were boycotted.  When we had done all our work he would tell us all about his experience in Russia.  So going to Russia was top of my list.  I got there and it was incredible, especially as it was just as Glasnost and Peristroika was becoming prevalent but it was still behind the Iron Curtain.  I also have a few stories to tell from there.

8. Skiing in Austria – done – but ended up there for 11 years and came away with two children.

That was just a few of my bucket list from that time.

So why have I got photos of quilted blocks?  Well my bucket list is much more mundane these days.  It is more about finishing all the UFO’s in my sewing room – for those not in the know UFO – Un -finished Objects – get it?

This quilt is a block of the month antique quilt I started last year but among all my troubles this year it has never been finished.  So that is my priority.  Part of the reason is that there are 64 small blocks such as this one, and 9 large blocks.  I think the size also tended to put me off.  Anyway yesterday I dragged it out of the closet and started to finish all the applique.  I was actually onto my last 5 large squares.  I had the great ambition to sew all the details by hand.  But I gave that up when I saw it and so headed to the sewing machine.  So I managed to finish those last 5 blocks in a couple of hours.  I would have been at it all week.  Since this is a long weekend – Labour Weekend here in New Zealand, it is a good time to concentrate on it.

So for those who liked my post on the colour of mint here is the finished quilt.

Lisa's quilt 2 (640x473)

Lisa's quilt (640x473)

Actually another item on my list is to learn new techniques and I certainly did with this quilt.  Now I have to save up the money for the batting and backing fabric.


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Floral Friday: Freesias

Freesia 2 (506x640)

Good morning from a sunny Hastings morning.

As I am doing this I can watch outside and see our local family of blackbirds digging for food in the grass under the orange trees.  They are fun to watch.

Anyway onto my floral photos for this week.  I took these freesias with my iPhone 5S at my parents house.  I had made arrangements to visit them but they had forgotten and weren’t home.  So I wasn’t going to waste my trip so I went around taking photos.  I found these freesias tucked away hiding.  I have done very little editing.

Freesia 1 (506x640)

Freesia (506x640)


Floral Friday: Delicate beauties


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One Word Photo Challenge: Chocolate

chocolate bird (640x497)

This week Jennifer has given us a yummy colour to showcase.  I can go for months without eating chocolate and then will binge for about a week or so and then stop again.  Mostly because I can’t afford it.  Very convenient way to control the chocolate intake.

Anyway here are my photos for this challenge.

Painted in Waterlogue

DSCF3948 (640x470)

I can’t seem to get away from birds this week.  This last photo I chose for the chocolate coloured leaves, the sparrow is an added bonus.


One Word Photo Challenge: Chocolate

One Word Photo Challenge – Chocolate



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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Green

Green balls of petals (640x466)

Good morning from another sunny Hastings morning.

This week the prompt from Cee for her fun foto challenge is green.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: The Color Green

Last week I found this snowball tree getting ready to bloom at my parents house.  So they are a tight green ball of petals.  My parents are keeping me up to date on it’s progress so I can take photos of it in full bloom.

DSCF3854 (640x475)

This was found in the plant house at Cornwall Park.

Green car (640x471)

And I know that Cee loves her classic cars so here are a couple of photos from the vintage car display at this year’s Art Deco weekend last February.

Painted in Waterlogue

I just couldn’t resist adding a watercolour image as well.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Green





Cee’s Fun Foto: Greens of home and of my date night



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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Reclining Missy

Missy relaxing (640x480)

Good morning from a cooler Hastings day.

So it is time for an update on Missy, my parent’s cat.  Lately, when I have visited my parents she has done a vanishing act.  I wonder why?  Maybe to avoid having her photo taken.  She is usually to be found on my parent’s bed reclining and relaxing.

Missy reclining (640x480)

I have combined two challenges today – Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge and A Word a week. You can check them both out and other posts for these challenges:






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Steve’s Snap & Zap Challenge: Birds

IMG_0444 (640x473)

This is a fun challenge from Steve

Snap & Zap: The Seagulls…


  1. Create a new post showing the original
  2. What edits have you made?
  3. What software/techniques have you used?
  4. Link back to the current week’s page

So the top image is my original looking up at a seagull on a tarpaulin.

First I edited it with Snapseed with the drama filter and HDR

IMG_0441 (640x453)

Then I headed over to Distressed FX and sorry I can’t remember what filter I used there.IMG_0442 (640x453)

Just for a bit of colour.

Then I played around with Photoscape.

Backlit (640x473)

First I added a backlit filter.

watercolour pencil (640x473)

Then added a watercolour pencil filter. Too light and not enough definition.

pen (640x473)

So then I added a pen filter.  Still not enough for my liking.

backlit 2 (640x473)

So some more backlit filters.

So let me know which is your favourite version.

Actually it is has been a bird theme week for me.  And just to prove that birds are around me, yesterday we had a visit from a mother duck and her 10 babies.  A long way from Cornwall Park.  Unfortunately we were too busy trying to catch them instead of taking photos.  It took about a couple of hours.  We caught about 7 of the ducklings but the mother duck kept flying around getting distressed and the other 3 ducklings kept going around in circles in the shrubbery.  In the end the ducklings we had caught were put in an empty rabbit hutch and the neighbour came back a couple of hours later to find the mother duck by the hutch with her 3 lost babies.  So they were all then caught and taken back to the park, which I might add is a couple of kilometers away.  😀

IMG_0435 (436x640)

Just to show Steve I was thinking of his theme last week which was walking.  – the final edited version of my photo last week.

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