Travel Theme: Autumn

Autumn Reflections 4 (640x622)

Good morning from a beautiful sunny Hastings day.  The winds are predicted  to pick up and bring some warm weather to us – up to 26 degrees celsius.  My irises are really coming out now and the birds are out in full force serenading me.

So it seems strange to have to trawl through my archives to find yet more autumn photos.  I have seen some amazing photos.  In particular Marilyn at Serendipity.  Both Marilyn and her husband took a road trip recently through Maine and the photos are just mind blowing.

So here is my contribution to the Travel Theme this week.  Taken last May with my iPhone 5S.

Autumn Reflections. 1 (640x622)

As usual I couldn’t resist some reflections.

Autumn Lights 6 (640x622)

I also love the light showing through the red leaves.

Autumn lights 5 (640x476)

Autumn lights 3 (640x476)

Autumn lights 1 (501x640)

Autumn lights (640x476)

Travel theme: Autumn

Travel Theme: Autumn

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24 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Autumn”

      1. OH, I know that feeling only too well. LOL Being in the moment of such Beauty and Bliss, you get caught up in it all, not wanting that experience to end. I am on my way outside to get some shots HOPING that the drizzle has stopped. I see some shots from my kitchen window that put my Heart up in my throat. I must get them to show on Petals. (((HUGS))) Amy

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