Steve’s Snap & Zap: Droplets

Droplets original (640x484)

This is always a fun challenge by Steve.


For each Snap & Zap I will suggest a new theme so take a new photo or use an existing photo and edit it with any software you like, so…

  1. Create a new post showing the original
  2. What edits have you made?
  3. What software/techniques have you used?
  4. Link back to the current week’s page

So for this week Steve has given us droplets to work with.

The first image is the original.

Droplets + Drama 2 (640x484)

So it was of to my favourite app Snapseed for the Drama 2 filter for definition.

Droplets + FIne HDR (640x484)

Then I added the fine HDR filter.

Droplets ArtWorks - Comic (640x484)

Then I went to another really cool app – ArtWork for the comic filter.

Droplets PS Dream (640x484)

Then to PhotoShop Express for my final edits.  This one is the dream filter.

Droplets PS Carmine (640x484)

Then the carmine filter.

Droplets PS + Vignette (640x484)

Then the vignette filter.

Droplets + PS Vivd (640x484)And a vivid filter.

Droplets PS + memory (640x484)Just so I don’t forget I added the memory filter.

Droplets + PS Carmine final image (640x484)

Finally I added the carmine filter for my final image.

Snap & Zap: My Disco Needs Me…

Today is also a huge day in Australia and to a lesser extent here in New Zealand.  Melbourne Cup day. A horse race which stops a nation, literally.  So good luck to all those with their workplace syndicates.

Thanks for visiting.


11 thoughts on “Steve’s Snap & Zap: Droplets”

  1. I wouldn’t have guessed you had to use so many filters to get to the finished product but it was sure worth it!


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