Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Visitors in my Garden

 Duck on the run (640x363)

Good morning from a cold and grey Hastings.

Many apologies for being late this morning but I have been having some fun with photo editing on GIMP – not.  I do miss Photoshop.

Anyway as it is Wednesday it is time for showing off some visitors I have had in my garden the last week or so.

The first photo is the mother duck that wandered into our garden a couple of weeks ago.  I didn’t manage to get any photos of her babies but this will have to do.

DOn the Watch for birds (640x477)

And here is my friendly furry visitor in his usual spot on the deck spying on the birds.

Last night I went out with my son for his leavers dinner.  The food was cooked by a class of 15 – 16 year old boys and it was fantastic.  They were so passionate about their cooking and I reckon could give Gordon Ramsey and co a run for their money.  Very tasty.

Martin and I (640x476)

Please don’t look too closely at the editing of this photo of us.  It took me a good 3 hours just to get that.  The layers are not as easy to work out as Photoshop.

But this is my very, very tall son.  Yes that is the true height difference.

Thanks for visiting.  I will catch up with your comments and blogs later.  Things to see, things to do.