Snap & Zap: Trees

Original (501x640)

Time for some more editing fun.


Time for Steve’s challenge to see what I can do with this photo.

When I start to edit a photo I just go with the flow.  I use a lot of filters on my iPad just because I want to see where it leads me.  I have no idea what I will end up with and that is where the fun is.

So yet another photo taken at Cornwall Park.  Yet another reflection.  So lets see where I go with it.

people HDR filter (512x640)

First stop was Snapseed, mainly to extract the photo so I can use it in other apps.  I added the HDR people filter for this image.  It lightened up the bottom of the image.

Old Lens (512x640) (2)

Then the old lens filter to focus on the tree itself.

Ansel Filter (512x640)

Then onto Distressed FX  for the Ansel filter.  I love how it blurred some of the branch details in the foreground.

vanilla filter (512x640)

And the vanilla filter – just because I liked the effect.

silver filter (512x640)

Then I hopped over to Photoshop Express to add a silver filter.

invert filter (512x640)

Then for a bit of fun I inverted the image which really focused on the tree.

spring filter (512x640)

And finally onto my final image with the spring filter.

So I ended up with the strong blue colour again. But it gives a totally different look to the trees.  I have lost all the details around the top of the image to make it look like the tree has fallen down, instead of it being a reflection.

So, which image is your favourite.

Snap & Zap: When You Can’t See The Woods For The…



Phoneography Challenge: Macro – Finishing my Quilt

hand quilting (640x476)

Good morning from a lovely sunny morning.  It is finally warming up now after winter had returned last week

So, another week has gone by and it is time for my phone challenge.  This week we get to showcase our macro photos.

But no editing today.  A couple of weeks ago I posted about my bucket list and top of the list was this quilt.  Or should I say quilt pieces.  Well for a week I was on a mission to finish it.  It helped to get over the tiredness a bit as I could see that I was really going somewhere with it.  That always help when you can see the end in sight.

So I did things my way, as I do and hand stitched the borders, and then hand quilted them.  I found it to be very heavy so it was easier on me to hand quilt it.

trimming the quilt (501x640)

Then it was trimmed.  Ok, a couple of photos in this post aren’t exactly macro.  I had taken these photos for Instagram to show my progress.

finishing touches (501x640)

Then it was hand stitching the binding.  I am not sure I like looking at my fingers so close up.  A bit freaky.

And voila:

Finished quilt (501x640)

One finished quilt.

 Every time I look at it I feel really proud of myself.  It is not perfect, but I did it all.  I would rather think of it as naive.  I started it to learn new techniques and that as I went on with it I would hopefully improve.  I meant to do it all by hand.  That went out the window for the last 4 blocks where I went to the sewing machine.  This is based on an antique quilt with the designs, so I figure that the sewing machines arrived in the mid 1800’s so I could say it was progression in technology.


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