Snap & Zap: Trees

Original (501x640)

Time for some more editing fun.


Time for Steve’s challenge to see what I can do with this photo.

When I start to edit a photo I just go with the flow.  I use a lot of filters on my iPad just because I want to see where it leads me.  I have no idea what I will end up with and that is where the fun is.

So yet another photo taken at Cornwall Park.  Yet another reflection.  So lets see where I go with it.

people HDR filter (512x640)

First stop was Snapseed, mainly to extract the photo so I can use it in other apps.  I added the HDR people filter for this image.  It lightened up the bottom of the image.

Old Lens (512x640) (2)

Then the old lens filter to focus on the tree itself.

Ansel Filter (512x640)

Then onto Distressed FX  for the Ansel filter.  I love how it blurred some of the branch details in the foreground.

vanilla filter (512x640)

And the vanilla filter – just because I liked the effect.

silver filter (512x640)

Then I hopped over to Photoshop Express to add a silver filter.

invert filter (512x640)

Then for a bit of fun I inverted the image which really focused on the tree.

spring filter (512x640)

And finally onto my final image with the spring filter.

So I ended up with the strong blue colour again. But it gives a totally different look to the trees.  I have lost all the details around the top of the image to make it look like the tree has fallen down, instead of it being a reflection.

So, which image is your favourite.

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13 thoughts on “Snap & Zap: Trees”

  1. Raewyn, I like your experimenting but I have to say I enjoyed the second processed shot the best, when you used the lens filter to focus the attention on the tree. It worked nicely and the colors were all so vibrant!


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