Sunday Stills: Depth of Field

Depth of Field 3 (497x640) (2)

Here is my entry for Ed’s challenge at Sunday Stills.

There is a large spider web in my garden and I have been watching it and guarding it to take photos of it.

Depth of field 2 (497x640)

I have tried to spray it with water to show up.

Depth of field (640x477)

The droplets drying off.




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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Watching over us

Watching over the garden (640x477)

My entry this week for Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge.

This photo was taken from my window seat, through venetian blinds and maximum zoom.  It obliged by standing still long enough for me to grab this shot.

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: 62


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One-Four Challenge: Week 2


On four challenge (640x579)

Good morning from another sunny Hastings day.

This challenge is just my challenge.  This is the first image from the first week of this challenge.

The next step was to upload it onto my iPad for my editing apps – that took all morning yesterday with much of the time googling for answers when it was a fairly simple and painless process to do.

Anyway I went straight to Snapseed, my first app of choice.  This is because it accesses all of my photos, not just the last added as with some of my other apps.

Snapseed edit (640x466)

I added the HDR filter and softened the edges. Really it has softened the whole image.

Here are some of the other entries for this challenge by Robyn:

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