Snap & Zap: Reflections.

Reflections (640x466)

I must have known about this challenge last night as I spent some time playing with my apps on my iPad.  I have a lot of photos of reflections.  Some are really bizarre as they are taken down at Cornwall Park.

I just wanted to see where I could take this one.

Reflection - Photoshop

I went to Photoshop Express and saturated it with a vibrant filter.

Reflections FX Distressed

Then I headed to FX Distressed which added some texture.

Reflections Ansel AffectFor my final image I used the ansel filter.

Actually I must make a confession.  I can’t remember what filters I used.  It was just fun to see where I went.

Gothic original (640x466)

Then I went for a gothic look.  This is the original image.

Gothic artworks (640x466)

Here I tried to find my inner artist with the ArtWorks comic filter. It didn’t end up exactly how I wanted.

Gothic Photoscape (640x466)

So I headed to Photoscape and used one of their filters.  It blurred the edges a bit.

Reflections Tangles FX (640x467)

Then my favourite.  Tangled FX.  Such an interesting spooky affect.


For each Snap & Zap I will suggest a new theme so take a new photo or use an existing photo and edit it with any software you like, so…

  1. Create a new post showing the original
  2. What edits have you made?
  3. What software/techniques have you used?
  4. Link back to the current week’s page

The theme for this “Snap & Zap…” is Reflections.

This is a great challenge to try out new filters and generally just to have fun.  I get a bit carried away and forgot to write down the filters I used.  Too much to think about when the creative juices are working.

Snap & Zap: Me, Myself and Eye…

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Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge: Week 39

Coloured socks (640x477)

Good morning from a cool but sunny Hastings.  It should be a lovely hot day today with hopefully little wind.

For those of my blogging friends in the state of New York I am thinking of you.  We are still getting news reports about your situation and that flooding is now expected.  I know you have had a winter season’s snowfall in just a couple of days.  Many are house bound and food and medical supplies are starting to run out.  So you are not forgotten and I hope you are keeping warm and cosy and making the best of this. I have seen some amazing photos.

Anyway, onto Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge:

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: Week 39

Now, this photo shows I am really turning into an oddball myself.  I walked into the dining room last night after my daughter came home from work.  I saw her socks on the table.  Not really what you want to see.  But before I told her off, I got the camera out and took a photo of them.  Just because the socks are such a glorious colour and I liked the way the threads show on the inside of them.  They are actually spotted.

I did have some fun with the editing.


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