Cee’s Fun Fotos: Joints

Art Deco joints

This is my entry for Cee’s challenge:

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Joints and/or Things You Enjoy

I love this Art Deco bronze.  It originally belonged to my parents and last year they gave it to me.  Every time I went to visit them I always admired it.

I chose this photo for several reasons:

1. I love Art Deco and participating in the Art Deco activities in February over in Napier as well as here in Hastings.

2. Look at all her joints – knee, ankles, elbow and shoulders.

3. I love taking photos, but also the editing.  This has been edited with GIMP and Photoscape.


Creativity and Connectivity

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Joints




One Word Photo Challenge: Lemon

Lemons 2 (640x477)

Good morning from a cooler and grey Hastings day.  Yesterday we reached the promised 30 degree heat and it was not pleasant at all working in my mother’s garden.  I had not realised just how much she has let it go.  The weeds were nearly as tall as me.  At least we worked in the patio in the shade.  My son has to go over again to do some more.  In the heat it is best to do it in small doses.

Me? I had a photographic assignment for my father inside.  One day I will post some of his work that he does.  Then of course I spent some time going around their garden taking photos.  Not to mention an update of Missy and Abbey, their pets.

Anyway Jennifer has asked us for lemon photos.

One Word Photo Challenge: Lemon

So I went out and found these lemons hanging over the fence.  It was windy which made taking photos a challenge.

lemons (497x640)

Then I found this flower at my parents.  My mother couldn’t remember the name of it.

lemon 3 (497x640)

lemon 4 (640x477)




One Word Photo Challenge: Lemon


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