My Father’s Wooden Toys: Enduring Love

Dad & toys 1 (640x493)

Good morning from another sunny Hastings day.

As promised I am showing of the toys that my father makes and sells at the local markets around here.  He is very popular as his work is so detailed and solid wooden toys are always in demand.

As far back as I can remember Dad was making models – I remember model planes hanging up in his workroom.  Since retirement he has taken this creativity to a new level.  First he did wood turning, making clocks and bowls and even pens.  Then when that got too much for him he turned to the scroll saw (fret saw) and makes these wooden toys.

He is meticulous with his attention to detail.  That logging truck is articulated and comes apart.  He puts side mirrors up and look at all the horns on top.

Logging truck 1 (640x416)

Logging truck (493x640)

Logging truck 4 (640x489)

Toys from the back (354x640)

This is what he wanted me to take photos of to send to Mum’s cousins in Canada.  I used his camera for that, but couldn’t resist taking my own.

Dad & toys (565x640)

In the front are some trains he made as well.

Vintage car1 (434x640)

He does paint his toys, but not very often.

Vintage car (640x375)

He loves doing these old vintage cars.

Dad's toys (640x432)

At the market on Saturday.  In the front is an alphabet train.  He can make up names – this one is Christine.

Dad's toys 2 (640x453)

Mum and Dad 1 (447x640)

This last photo is for Nancy’s challenge:

My parents have been married for 54 years – in fact they had just celebrated their 54th year last month.

They married when Mum was 18 and Dad, 21 despite much opposition from my grandmother, who predicted this marriage wouldn’t last.

Now they couldn’t live without each other.  Mum was such a domineering person who ran the household so it is very hard to see her slide into Alzheimer’s.  She refuses to see a doctor now and absolutely will not move into a smaller, safer house.  She keeps buying food that no-one eats as she forgets that they only need to feed the two of them.  So she is hoarding food in the spare bedroom. She is not ready to go into assisted living as she is still able to function ok.

Dad has had a rough year too.  He was in Wellington hospital at the beginning of the year to have stents put in and spent over 5 weeks in hospital.  Mum did cope on her own with my help for a couple of those weeks but fretted so much without Dad and Dad really missed her. So in the space of a couple of hours I had Mum packed up and on a flight down to Wellington.  Once Mum got near Dad she improved, and Dad improved too.

Then they got news that Dad was supposed to be coming back so Mum was sent back.  This time, though I stayed with Mum.  It was weird as when she first came back she was good.  Then the longer the separation from Dad, the worse she got again. It was a relief when Dad was finally transferred back up to Hawke’s Bay again. Her whole day revolved around her visit to Dad.

Since then Dad has been in and out of hospital and was really sick at one stage.  Mum coped well on her own and spent most of the day at the hospital.  She doesn’t eat or drink when left alone so Dad would share his lunch with her so he knew that she would get something to eat and drink.

I have tried several times to get different agencies in to help them.  They turned them away as they had their own routine and didn’t want to or couldn’t upset it.  Dad is determined to look after Mum on his own.  After 54 years together they need each other and support one another.  One concession they have made is to allow someone to come in once a week for an hour to clean the house.

Dad frets about what will happen with Mum without him.  I told him, not to worry as I will look after her.    Dad’s father died of a broken heart after my grandmother died.  The same thing will happen with both of them.

Having had two failed marriages myself it is nice to see the way my parents look after each other even with their problems.  I have witnessed so many touching moments between them, when one is sick. To me, that is enduring love.

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