Steve’s Snap & Zap

IMG_0774 (640x482) (640x482)

Good morning from a sunny, warm Hastings day.

As you can see from the last few days I am decorating my photos with Christmas borders.  Just to get into the mood.

Anyway Steve has asked for Memes.  I love reading them.  There are some really great ones out in cyberspace but I am not the sort to make them up.  So I asked for my daughter’s help as she is quick witted and really picks up jokes quickly.  I had to tone her versions a little as this is a general viewing blog.  So here they are:

IMG_0773 (640x482)

IMG_0772 (640x482)

IMG_0771 (640x482)

IMG_0770 (640x482)

As you can see, my memes are rather tame.

You can catch up with Steve’s challenge here:

Putting The Me In Meme…


Thanks for visiting.


12 thoughts on “Steve’s Snap & Zap”

  1. Brilliant. I’m so glad you decided to take on this challenge. I think I suffer from the same problem as your daughter as I tend to go for the not so family friendly option first lol

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