The Daily Post: Yellow

Good morning from another hot morning here in Hastings. Yesterday was so hot and humid and my poor children suffered at their work in dairies where they were busy selling ice creams and chicken and chips.  Me I was hot and bothered catching up with another quilt.

So onto this challenge by The Daily Press.  Yellow, a lovely cheerful colour.   Actually I was expecting a Christmas theme but maybe that was too obvious. Actually the radio station I listen to is making a point of playing every and I mean every interpretation of all the Christmas carols and songs.  So that means I am being tortured by singers who can’t sing but have put out a Christmas album anyway.  There are some really appalling renditions out there in music world.  I just end up going to my sewing room and putting on my favourite Christmas play list.

WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow

Thanks for visiting and check out these amazing photos for this challenge.


10 thoughts on “The Daily Post: Yellow”

  1. Great post. Although I must be tired and needing to sleep as I read children as chicken and wondered what on earth kind of chickens you had that they work in places selling stuff! Haha, off to bed for me I think!


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