Phoneography Challenge: St Nicklas

St Nicklas (417x640)i

Good morning from a muggy and cloudy Hastings.  I am a bit late today as I have just taken my son into the CBD to do his last minute Christmas shopping.  It was great as it was early enough for the carparks to be nearly empty and in one shop we went into we were the only ones there. Phew.  Just have to do my food shopping tomorrow. Not so good.  I did manage to get some photos in with my phone though, as you do.

I was just checking out what the prompt is for this week and phew, this comes under food photography for Sally’s challenge:

So for this week I have gone for a Christmas theme.  Yesterday my children got a huge parcel from Austria fill up with chocolate from their father.  One of the chocolates they got was this St Nicklas.  When my daughter unwrapped it last night she commented on the details of it.  So guess what we both did? we both got out our phones.

So I want to wish all a merry Christmas to all those who follow this challenge.



9 thoughts on “Phoneography Challenge: St Nicklas”

  1. Chocolate is my downfall any time of the year. I hope you have a happy, happy, calorie free holiday (I wish). 🙂 Serious, Christmas blessings are being sent to you and yours. 🙂


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