Phoneography Challenge: Out and About in Hastings

Good morning from a cloudy and muggy Hastings morning. I hope everyone in Europe are keeping warm and safe through this snow storm.  It is weird sitting in the hot weather watching the snow storm on the news.

Only one more day to a new year for us in New Zealand.  I am going out today house hunting.  I definitely can’t afford to stay where I am at the moment, plus there are other bits and pieces I am not happy about.  I hate moving but it has to be.  So it is to be a fresh start next year and hopefully a bit more money in my hand.  I will be able to have car and contents insurance again.  That was always a worry for me.

So I am showing some photos I took around the CBD for Sally’s challenge.  I had a bit of fun with the editing last night.   I am not entirely happy with the editing, simply because my mind is on other things at the moment.

Hastings has a lot of art and sculptures around the CBD.  The first set of photos are some painted tiles around a tree planter box.  There are always hanging flowers along the shops and of course another photo of the lighting shop.  This time I edited it with the x-ray filter which is the one I prefer. They are all edited with Aviary.

original tiles

Edited tiles

Original overhanging flowers.

Edited overhanging flowers

Original lights

X-rayed lights



13 thoughts on “Phoneography Challenge: Out and About in Hastings”

  1. I moved house this year and I’m still not fully settled. It has taken a long time to organise everything and buy a lot of things from scratch. So I sympathise Raewyn. I hope you find somewhere perfect for you! Have a great 2015!


  2. Raewyn, the edits came out fine. As for everything else, may this new year bring a new start for you. Having moved just over a year ago from a four-bedroom house with basement and attic and after 28 years, to a rental with much less space (and having moved in one week!), I empathize with your lack of excitement about moving. However, it’s obviously something you have to do, so I pray you find just the right place and the right price and are blessed there.



  3. I like the last photo. The lights have been turned off and the party is over. 😉
    I moved last March and then again in August. No fun! We all are hoping the best for you. We usually can adapt to anything. The difficult part is just getting there and getting on with it.


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