Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Feathered friends

DSCF8696_Fotor_20141231 (640x477)

Good morning from a bright and sunny New Year’s Eve here in Hastings,

Yesterday was a weird day.  I have found a place to live which is the right price in rent that I could afford.  It is nothing flash but there will only be my son and I, it is a sunny house but no garden.  That was okay.  But then in the evening I found out that the rent is likely to go up as the landlord only dropped the rent for Christmas.  So it is at the lower rent for 3 months and then it will go up.

Just before I left to go and look at this house ex-hubby turned up in violation of his trespass notice.  I didn’t see him but my son did and told him to leave as he was violating the trespass order.  All he wanted was to go out for a cup of coffee and catch up with our news.  As if that was going to happen.  Then later in the day he drops of a letter for me with a small handwritten note on it basically giving the police evidence that he has been to visit.  So I am in two minds – should I go to the police and he is in deep trouble and really ruin any chance of our divorce ending amicably or just let it slide and move without giving him our address and get on with the divorce negotiations.

The last straw was finding out that my disability support will drop drastically now that my son turns 18.  He now has to apply for a student allowance in order for us to even be able to eat.

So all in all a great way to end this year.  So my motto is onwards and upwards for next year.

Anyway onto this challenge by Michelle.  We have a lot of bird life around this house and this blackbird is always in the front lawn so I grabbed a few photos.

DSCF8667_Fotor (640x589)

Then one day I was walking past the back door and looked over to find this fantail flitting around the car and just managed to grab the camera and catch a few rather grainy photos of it.



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16 thoughts on “Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Feathered friends”

  1. Things can only get better, isn’t that what they say Raewyn, sorry to hear about all this trouble you are having, it sucks when things like that to. I am sure you will sort it all out, good luck. I really wish a fantastic 2015 for you.


  2. Raewyn-the pups and I are sending our best wishes to you for a very Happy and Abundant New Year–looking forward to seeing where your creative journey takes you-and hopefully things will get better and brighter into the new year-


  3. Terrible situation and dilemma you find in, I would tend to err on the side of letting it slide in the hope things go through better. You can always hang on to the note in case he visits again and again. It is probable that he wanted more than just a cup of coffee…. but then I do not know him, but have been in a similar situation years and years ago. It is very stressful for you, but getting to know you a little here, suggests to me that you are a strong woman, and will triumph. I do hope that 2015 will be the best year yet for you. A new start!!!


  4. We all wish we had the answers but we can only hope the best for you. I would agree with another blogger to let things pass and get on with your life. It seems your children are in support of you and that is a blessing. Here’s to moving upward and onward. 🙂


  5. Honey, I truly am sorry for all the hardships you are enduring right now. Life has a way of throwing some pretty darn hard balls our way. I hope things turn for the better for you and very soon. Keep on focusing on that which truly makes your Heart happy. Things really do have a way of working out. Happy New Year! Love, Amy


  6. Oh Raewyn, I so hope things improve in 2015. Have you spoken to anyone at Refuge about the note. I understand that you don’t want to antagonise the situation, and want the divorce to be amicable, but please take care and make sure you are getting as much support as possible around this. xx, Su.

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    1. Actually I was at the police station yesterday morning with my son. So He got an official warning to stay away and if he tries to contact me again he will be arrested and charged. He was also told that we don’t want to have anything more to do with him at all. He just wants to manipulate me into dropping my claim for a divorce settlement. Not going to happen. We are moving in 2 weeks so that he will not know where we will be. Also the Domestic Violence Officer at the police station will contact me next week to see what she can do, and if need be the Woman’s Refuge can help me move. But my church will probably organise something. Stupid idiot to even write that he came by. My son kept telling him that we had a trespass order but all he wanted to do was see me. The trespass order goes two ways. I don’t want my son to attack him and then be the one to end up in trouble.

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      1. He now has a record with the police of domestic violence – two episodes now so he has to tread carefully. I had to think about what to do. If I had not done anything about it he would just think he can get away with it and keep doing it so my parents and his daughter all told me to go to the police. It has to be recorded so I can have a police report if I need it.


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