Phoneography Challenge: Golden Sunset


Good morning from a grey Hastings morning.  Rain is forecast today which will be a relief.  Even here in New Zealand we are hearing about this mega snow storm that is heading to New York and Maine.  So I hope you are safe and warm if you live up there.

This week for Sally’s challenge:

I have two photos from late last year.  We had gone to get takeaways for our movie night and the sunset was amazing.  As usual the phone was out to capture it.  I even managed to get a double sunset as well.


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11 thoughts on “Phoneography Challenge: Golden Sunset”

  1. Your commentary on your photos always makes me see something that I would not have seen by just looking. Interesting that you meant to capture the double sunset. I would have thought…oh that is a mistake. lol And deleted my picture.


  2. Gorgeous golden light bathes and brings beauty to unexpected places. I’m located on the East Coast, and we are not getting the major impact from the storm. But tonight and tomorrow the brunt will descend. Since we are situated on the coast, weather forecasts are iffy. I like to rely on Mother Nature. Wish that I could send you some of our cold and we could receive some warm temps from you. It’s 28 degrees and it late afternoon. BR-r-r-r-. The winds are coming too. Happy Photo Challenge.


  3. You can actually feel the sunset in this photograph. It was almost as if I was sitting there in front of that huge glass window. Boiling hot here as usual, Raewyn. Hope your weather is more temperate, as I heard you had some hot spells in recent weeks.


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