Black and White Challenge: Day 3

IMG_0975 (488x640)

With this challenge I have been trying out some of the filters on Aviary.  For today and tomorrow I will be showing a couple of soft focus images.  This filter is called ‘giddy’ for some reason.  I chose a couple of misty photos for this and liked the way this filter enhances the misty look.  Firstly though, I went to Snapseed to convert to black and white and then to Aviary. I quite like the layers that this filter gives to the photo.

This is a fun challenge over 5 days and part of this challenge is to nominate another blogger each day.  There is absolutely no obligation to take part.  So for today I am nominating Aletta at

I love her photos.

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Cee’ Oddball Challenge: Week 5

Artificial flowers (640x482)

Good morning from a very humid muggy Hastings.  Last night we had some rain and today we are supposed to reach 29 degrees celsius.  So it is going to be an uncomfortable day.  Even beading raises a sweat at the moment.

Anyway onto a more cheerful topic.  Cees fun challenge.

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2015 Week #5

My daughter and I went through my hard drive from my Mac and found some photos.  Unfortunately I couldn’t access my iPhotos or Aperture until I had changed her computer into mine.  I do have them on my Time Capsule as well but she wouldn’t allow me to access it.  Good try though.  My father has an old Macbook so if I sweet talk him into letting me borrow it I might just be able to find them.  Actually after nearly 8 years that is  finally giving up the ghost.  He thought he didn’t need antiviral programmes for Macs and this is the first time he has had problems with it.  I think he is buying a new computer so fingers crossed.

Anyway I found this colourful photo of some artificial flowers on the hard drive.  As my other post this morning will be black and white I thought it would be nice to have complete opposites.


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