One Four Challenge: February Week One

Dandelion Week 1

Now that I have settled into my new home I can get back into this challenge.  It is a fun challenge and I love seeing how other photographers edit their photos.

So for this month I found this dandelion and thought I would just go through some of the editing that I do, rather than something abstract.

I will post the original in Week 4.  But for this week I just sharpened the image somewhat and then added 75% backlighting with Photoscape. There is a spot on the head that is bleached out and I am not sure if I can address that at all – will see.

 I welcome constructive critique and any advice on how to improve this.

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Black and White Challenge: Day 4

IMG_0976 (488x640)

Day 4 of this challenge. I was amused with the comments I got yesterday.   Thanks to those who left comments.

The one thing about editing on my iPad is that I don’t get to see what the image is like when enlarged.  It wasn’t until I put it on the computer that I saw just how spooky the image really was.  The same with today’s image.

i just went by my gut instinct when I edited these photos for this challenge.  What I love about black and white is the atmosphere in a photo can be enhanced as compared to the colour image.

As part of this challenge I get to nominate another blogger to participate.  So today I am nominating Dawn from

Her photos are amazing.

So Dawn, if you accept this challenge you post a black and white photo each day for 5 days and nominate a person each day.  If you can’t manage it, then that is ok.

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Phoneography: Natures colours


Good morning from a windy and hot Hastings.  We had some rain yesterday but it only made everything more humid and uncomfortable.  Even during the night.

So I decided to do a post of cheerful colours for Sally’s challenge. This is also to cheer up those snowed under.  Our days here are getting shorter, yours are now getting longer.  I saw that the groundhog has predicted another 6 weeks of winter.  so just enjoy the colours.

These photos were taken last October when my mother’s garden was in full colour for spring.  Now everything is dry and a fire hazard.  No colour left.

I have edited them on my computer with Photoscape and Fotor to enhance the colours.

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