One Four Challenge: February Week One

Dandelion Week 1

Now that I have settled into my new home I can get back into this challenge.  It is a fun challenge and I love seeing how other photographers edit their photos.

So for this month I found this dandelion and thought I would just go through some of the editing that I do, rather than something abstract.

I will post the original in Week 4.  But for this week I just sharpened the image somewhat and then added 75% backlighting with Photoscape. There is a spot on the head that is bleached out and I am not sure if I can address that at all – will see.

 I welcome constructive critique and any advice on how to improve this.

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29 thoughts on “One Four Challenge: February Week One”

  1. The picture works well, it has a nice composition and the colours are nice. My only advice would be to darken the highlights as the look clipped on my monitor especially in the spores and the centre of the dandelion.


  2. I agree with Ben – it’s a good composition and I think you could have fun with this one. Like Ben, I find it a bit over-bright in the centre. The colours are great – I can feel summer in the shot 🙂 (as I look out my window in a snow storm)


  3. A nice summertime feel to this image, warm and inviting colors. I agree with above comments regarding the brightness/highlights. Looking forward to seeing your edits as the month progresses, this is a great image to work with.


  4. Hi Raewyn. I like your choice of subject and particularly like the fact the dandelion is a bit spent… different from the many dandelions we often see. Darkening the dandelion might help bring back some detail and reduce the blown highlights in the centre and some of the wispy seeds. Look forward to your next edits.


  5. I keep meaning to take photos of the many dandelions in my garden, and they are all blown away next time I see them 🙂

    Regarding the highlights if they were too bright when you photographed them it might be hard to bring back the detail in the larger area of the head, but a bit of dodging on the bright spots might help a little?


    1. Thanks Stacey. I have tried to darken the highlights which I will show next week but I am afraid that it is it will just remain bleached. I can’t do any dodging with the software I am using at the moment. I am hoping to be able to access my time capsule soon with the apps on it.


  6. Just love a dandelion and I agree that its lovely, both compositionally and the dandelion itself.
    You’ve got some great help here Raewyn. What software are you using?
    Wishing you happiness in your new home x 😃


    1. I am using GIMP 2 and Photoscape. GIMP is horrible and I only use a couple of preset filters with it and Photoscape is good in that I can work on the highlights etc. But I can’t isolate any area such as the head to dodge the exposure which is what I would have done in the dark room.

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      1. Hope you’re on your computer again now Raewyn.
        GIMP has lots of possibilities – I started out with GIMP and thought it was the best thing 😃
        Haven’t tried Photoscape, but will look forward to seeing more of what you do with it.
        Apparently you can use Topaz Plugins with GIMP. Topaz Adjust has lots of fine control – just FYI – they have a 30 day free trial.
        Will see if I can find more info in case you’re interested.

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      2. Just checked – apparently Topaz are not compatible with Gimp.
        Do try – I used to love it. If I can help please ask me 😃
        Im sure you know there are lots of tutes available. Have fun 😃😃

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  7. I don’t know if this would work, but in PicMonkey (it is free online program) there is an effect called Focal Soften, when applied blurs everything outside the circle. But there is an option to reverse the effect, softening the inside of the chosen circle. Maybe it’s something you can try. But I don’t mind those highlighted parts, it is a lovely summery photo.


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