WPC Challenge: Scale


Good morning from a cooler Hastings morning.  Yesterday it was windy and warm while I was writing my post.  The wind then suddenly dropped and it was quiet for a while.  Then all of a sudden it picked up again and the temperature had dropped about 5 degrees.  While the relief from the heat is good, my son and I found it quite cold.  The wind had turned round from the south.  Apparently there was snow in the South Island.  It was so much easier to sleep last night.

Anyway onto the Daily Post challenge this morning.  Scale.  I chose this photo for the depth of field showing different heights of the rose stems.


This photo was taken at Frimley Rose Garden.  Where I must go again once I find my camera.






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18 thoughts on “WPC Challenge: Scale”

    1. Thanks. I think my daughter packed it away with her stuff which is in storage until next week. Next week her stuff goes down to Wellington and she has been ordered to go help with the express order to check everything out. I am annoying her everyday about this.


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