Cee’s Oddball Challenge: Week 6

IMG_7120 (485x640)

Good morning from a cool Hastings morning.  Today we are predicted to go well into the 30’s celsius.  Crazy, when two days ago it was colder and more bearable.

Anyway for Cee’s challenge this week I am giving an update on my Art Deco petal dress.  I have been madly beading the past week.  As usual I leave it to the last couple of weeks to get things finished.  So far the dress weighs about 1/2 kg – not sure what that is in pounds but I would say about a pound.  What will add the weight is when I bead the fringe. It will be interesting to wear such a heavy dress.  But I think the petals get more defined and drop with the heavy fringe.

I am also keeping an eye on the hours I work on it.  By this I am watching The X Files from the beginning.  No ads so I know each episode is approximately 45 minutes long.  On the weekend alone I worked 8 hours on it.  So up until know I have worked about 50 hours.

I have to look up the timetable for events.  One thing I don’t want to miss taking photos of is the steam train.  As I was driving back from Napier last week my daughter and I were working out good spots to stop on the side of the road by the railroad tracks to take good shots.

That is, if she finds my camera for me. Otherwise it will have to be my cellphone.

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2015 Week #6