Michelle’s Weekly Pet: European Goldfinch Up High

Up High (640x483)

Here is my entry this week for Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge:


An European goldfinch.  As with flowers I am not so good and identifying birds.  So I googled birds of New Zealand to find out what this beauty is called.  A European goldfinch.  I love it’s colours. Actually it is the same bird (not exactly, but you know what I mean) the I showed a couple of weeks ago bathing at Cornwall Park.


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Monochrome Madness

Raewyn's Photo's.

Good morning from a cool and grey Hastings morning.

Last week I did a 5 day black and white challenge. Black and white was always fun for me, especially in the darkroom.  I did some printing with colour, but black and white had so many more possibilities. But with time and children that sort of faded into the background.   But now, with the digital age I can really get back into it.  So I have decided to join Monochrome Madness.

It is run by Leanne at:


So here is my first entry.  I love the way that a photo can completely change it’s ambiance when converting from colour to black and white.  With this photo the focus is squarely on the petals and the stems fade into the background.

So check out this wonderful world of monochrome madness.  There are some amazing monochrome photos each week.

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