Double Delight: A Rose For Ruth

Double Delight A Rose For Ruth (640x483)

Good morning from a sunny but cool Hastings day.

Today is a sad day, but also an exciting day.  My daughter Ruth is leaving us to move permanently to Wellington to attend university.  So I am dedicating this rose and post to her.

On the one hand I am happy for her to follow her dreams, but on the other it is hard to say goodbye.  Last night was spent laughing over Agent Carter on the TV and her knitting.  She has been knitting madly on this jumper (sweater) the past few days to get it finished.  I made her knit the sleeves too long, so I had to undo it and finish that sleeve off.  But she knitted the other sleeve way to long as well.  So in the end it wasn’t finished and so Mum gets to do it properly and send it down to her.  We had lots of giggles.

The past year hasn’t been easy for her.  Ex-hubby was determined that she wasn’t going to go to university and told her that she was only good enough to work in a shop.  She had already applied to a university in Hawaii but was told to apply in another year.  That wasn’t so bad as I wanted her to have a gap year to save some money.

Then we were thrown out of our home so Ruth applied for Massey University in Wellington for the Graphics and Design course.  And of course she got in.  She has worked long hours 7 days a week at times to save her money for this year.

So now it is time for her to go.  So Ruth I wish you all the best for your studies and your future.

Ruth and Martin copy1 (625x622)

When her brother left school I had to write him a letter to express how proud I was of him and wished him all the best for his future. So Ruth, this is your letter.

Actually while I am writing this I am starting to feel emotional.  I think that reality is hitting me now.  I want to thank you for all your support over the last year.  I want you to do well in your studies and follow your dreams.  You are a bright, witty and fun girl and are so determined.  So you will do well.  Make the most of your opportunities.  Don’t forget that I am really proud of you and know you will do well.

With all my love,



37 thoughts on “Double Delight: A Rose For Ruth”

  1. Double Delight is one of my favorite roses and your photo of one is absolutely gorgeous! This is such a sweet letter to your daughter, and I do know how hard it is when children finally move away from home. My mother’s maiden name was Massey and so I see that some branch of it made it to your part of the world. I hope your daughter has a great year there and is very successful in her choice of studies. Sounds like a lot of fun to me. I know you will miss her a lot, but though your relationship with her is changing, it is not ending by any stretch of the imagination. Hugs, N ❤


  2. The letter is beautiful and I am sure will be long cherished by your daughter.
    Let the tears come. Get rid of the sad ones and then cry the happy ones. You have given your daughter a good foundation. Be glad that she will be able to stand and thrive in a new environment knowing you are behind her. 🙂 xx


  3. So I just got around to reading this because no internet and getting emotional reading this. Thanks mum. 🙂 everything is going fine here and am eating well with salad and vegetables 😛 hopefully we get proper internet tomorrow

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