One Four Challenge: February Week 3

Dandelion Week 3


So we are onto week 3 already in February for this challenge.  This is where we get a photo and edit it in different ways.  I love this as it is encouraging me to expand my editing knowledge. If you want to join the challenge then pop over to Robyn’s blog for more information:

Thank you everyone last week for your help.  As I am madly beading at the moment I never really got a chance to sit down and work things out.  That is what I will do next week after Art Deco Weekend is finished.

So I just went for a monochrome look today.  I am not happy with it as all it does is show black and white and no real grey details.

So again any advice and constructive criticism is welcome.

So here is a slide show to show the changes:

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Orange Salamander Part III


Phoneography: Black and White at Ahuriri

IMG_1013 (800x605)

Good morning from a cold and cloudy Hastings.  We should be in summer but it feels like winter.  I wish I could send some of this cooler weather to South Africa as I know they are sweltering and are having to endure power cuts.

I am madly beading at the moment for this weekend.  I didn’t realise just how much I will be beading.  Needless to say I don’t want to see another bead for quite some time after I have finished it.  Even The X Files isn’t doing the job in keeping me going.  My dress is getting heavy but it looks good.

So onto this challenge by Sally where we get to use our phones for photos.  These photos were taken at Ahuriri beach, looking the other way from the port.  I am not sure what these old wooden posts were. Probably an old pier.

IMG_1015 (800x605)

I wanted to be a bit more serious this week with my black and white so only did minimal editing with Snapseed.

IMG_1014 (610x800)


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