One Four Challenge: February Week 4

Dandelion Week 4 GIMP edits (605x800)

For this week I have used the advice of Ben at Ben’s Aperture64 and did some editing in GIMP.  Not as easy to navigate as Photoshop but for this I used the brush to get rid of that glare in the top of the dandelion.  Plus I also darkened the stem so that the focus is on the axctual dandelions heading off.  I am not sure if I was successful so any constructive criticism is welcome.

Here is the original


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Here is a poll to see which one is the best edit.


Orange Salamander Part IV

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17 thoughts on “One Four Challenge: February Week 4”

  1. I don’t think there is a best. All of them have been interesting and I am sure those who do a lot of editing see things that we/me just looking don’t observe. I did vote for the original. No real reason. I just liked the brightness. 🙂 (Already told you it was cold day here. Maybe that’s the reason. lol

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  2. Good job this month! Week 4 is my favorite though it wasn’t the easiest pick as I was leaning a bit towards week 2. After going back through them all I decided on Wk 4 because I like the additional dimension that resulted from your edits. I might have added a bit more brightness to the center of the flower but I think the darkness is what creates more dimension. Highlighting the ‘seeds’ really makes them sparkle, it’s a nice effect. 😀


  3. Good job Raewyn and I just love that you are trying different things!! I cant see the slideshow (on ipad presently) but I really like all that you’ve tried and done this month. 😃😃


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