WPC: Reward

Moon 26 February 2015

Good morning from a cool and foggy Hastings morning.

This week our prompt from The Daily Post is reward.  I have always admired those who could take good photos of the moon.  My other cameras just didn’t do the trick.  I don’t own a tripod so all my attempts were blurry or the moon was just a speck on the photo.  So it was a lovely reward this week to find that my new camera zoomed right up close and the moon is a decent size.  And the details are so clear despite the fact it was  hand held.  I did lean up against the side of the house to steady me.  There are a few duds but the rewards are great when I actually did get it right. And for once no editing.


Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward





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37 thoughts on “WPC: Reward”

      1. Totally. This one is quite small and fits my hands perfectly – I have small hands. The zoom is operated by a small lever on the right, in front of the shutter. The focus is great – it senses the subject no matter where it is in the frame and focuses on that. That is why I was able to take this photo. My other camera’s sensors were just not up to the job.

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      2. Nikon P600. I had lost my other camera and was totally lost. So when I had some money I headed to the shop. I had an idea of what I wanted but the model wasn’t there. This one was the next step up. It also as a lot of filters as well. I will be sticking to this as I found it suits my style of photography really well. I don’t have to change lenses either.

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      3. No Mac, I don’t think I will see it again. But he has to pay for it. I have just found out that he is getting someone to impersonate me to cut me out of our business we had together. It is getting mean and nasty on his side.


      4. Oh I’m so very sorry Raewyn, that is hard to cope with. I’ve been where you are, so have an idea how you feel.
        Keep your head up hun, enjoy nature & your new camera, and try not to get drawn in to the bitterness. You are worth more than that!
        Thinking of you… ❤


      5. I know, that is why I do photography – it keeps me sane. I am also looking at doing a social snappers course at Women’s Refuge. When things were mean and nasty it was a relief to go the the park or someone and find something beautiful. It refreshes the mind and lifts you up

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  1. Wonderful photo Raewyn. I hear many around me sing the praises of Canon and ‘bag’ Nikon, but I”m a Nikon fan also. I have never tried to get such a detailed shot of the moon. You have inspired me now. 🙂


  2. I spent over two thousand dollars on my Canon and lenses and can’t even get half as close to the moon as you did! What a fantastic shot. Love it. I’ve been reading the other comments and had forgotten what you were going through in your private life. Hang in there. When I was going through something quite like what you are going through, I found groups helped. I joined a group that would meet once a week and discuss a book we were all reading (this was before my interest in photography) and I have to tell you it really helped. That I was one of the few men in the group was an added bonus! 🙂


    1. Thanks Emiliio. I appreciate your support. I am looking into doing a social snappers group – just going out and taking photos and looking for the beauty in this world, rather than the negative part of our lives.


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