Travel Theme: Environment

Spider's ennviroment

Good morning from a cool but sunny Hastings.

I have bit the bullet and have installed Lightroom and Photoshop CC.  I  have spent the last couple of days trying to get my head around it and getting my computer used to it.  I have managed to get Lightroom going but my computer refuses to let Photoshop work.  After so long, the computer just freezes and I have to give up for the day.  Any advice is welcome.

At least I had the cricket to distract me from throwing the computer out of the window.  It was right down to the wire.  I was watching the news and the cricket reporter was optimistic that the game would be all over by about half past 6.  When I heard him say that I thought he had just jinxed the game for our team.  And sure enough, it was a nail biting finish and the Black Caps won by just one wicket about an hour later than the prediction.  I can imagine that the fans at Eden Park would have been sitting on the edge of their seats.

Anyway onto this challenge by Ailsa

Travel theme: Environment

So I chose this photo I found of a spider in it’s own environment.  My first photo I have edited in Lightroom.

Thanks for visiting.



17 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Environment”

  1. Don’t have any suggestions for the freeze up. Just irritating when it happens. Sometimes if I am running too many things at once it might occur.
    Like the flowers and blurred background. 🙂


    1. No, this computer just doesn’t like the heat in more ways than one. Time to give up when it gives up for the day. The first time it happened I panicked, but now I know it is the computer telling to go and do something else.


  2. What specs is your pc? If it is not high enough that is your most likely problem

    Ie cpu type
    Amt of memory
    Amt of free hard drive space
    Do you have a graphic card installed

    Also I see from your comment that it has issues with heat, that is a very bad sign if its shutting itself down or freezing and refusing to work. One day soon it will die completely.

    If it is doing that don’t use it in your lap or a flat surface, raise it up and give it airflow to help cooling process. you can buy Laptop cooling mats that run off usb quite cheap. Also make sure the vents around the side or back are clear too

    Computers and excess heat are a bad combination !


  3. I have a very old version of Photoshop Elements but have been able to overcome some incidents of non-cooperation by clicking the “reset tools” selection. On Elements it’s a tiny triangle up near the top left of the screen. Maybe you have a similar option you could try.


  4. lensaddiction said what I was going to mention. Hard drive space is important. You will make it run too slow or not at all. Make sure to check Photoshop>Preferences>Performance and that you allow enough RAM usage. I allow 70%.


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