One Four Challenge: March Week 2

Thistle in the Sunset  Week 2

So onto this photo for Robyn’s challenge at Captivate Me.  This is where we have one photo and edit it each week for 4 weeks.

I have chosen an incredibly difficult photo this month.  I spent some time last Saturday with Photoshop and Lightroom.  I actually just tried using layers and some different filters but wasn’t happy with the result.  For this week I just sharpened it a tad more and then  added the poster edge filter. That seemed to bring out the thistles a bit more.  Finally I added a soft vignette to it with Lightroom. When you view the slide show you can see the difference.

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Any advice and constructive criticism is welcome.

Thanks for visiting.



One Four Challenge – March Week 2

Venice House part 2

20 thoughts on “One Four Challenge: March Week 2”

  1. The colours are truly lovely but if you’re having trouble you might want to try playing around with them – they don’t make you tear your hair out like Photoshop. Some of the more artsy ones might be fun with this image, and I think some of them are available for desktops if you don’t have an app-using device.


  2. Raewyn, in looking at this image, there is just so much going on. So what I think I would try to do, in order for those flowers to “pop” out, is to darken the background. Focus on some vital points in the flowers in order for the eye to be brought there by playing around with brightness and color and contrast. I myself am just getting a feel for LR5, and so far am really liking what I can do. I have yet to get to layers, just the basics for now. Hope this helps some. You really just want the focus on the flower heads. I think. (((HUGS))) Amy


  3. Absolutely stunning Raewn and I love the colours. So enchanting! 😀
    That’s what I love about Photoshop and Lightroom and sometimes hate. I never know which one to choose. 😆

    Have fun and thanks for sharing. ♥


  4. Its a shame the original image was noticeably out of focus, it either limits what you can do or drives you to even greater creative heights?


  5. You really do have quite a challenge this month Raewyn – the colours this week are lovely.
    Perhaps you could try playing around with abstracts or artful directions with this one. Look forward to version 3 😃


  6. I love the warm colours in the image. The darkening of the background greens in this week’s edit works well and makes the thistles pop. I look forward to week three! 🙂


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