Phoneography Challenge: Macro

Macro Amaryllis-

Good morning from a grey looking Hastings.

 Another week has gone and it is time for another colourful post with my camera for Lens and Pens by Sally‘s challenge. My mother just loves amaryllis plants and buys them for inside the house when they are in full bloom and then plants them outside.  This is one of them.  These were such a show in March when they were blooming.  Every time I visit them either the camera or the phone comes out and I always wander around taking photos.

Amaryllis (2 of 1)

This challenge is for all non camera devices – so for phones etc.  These were taken with my iPhone 5S. For more information check out Sally’s blog



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18 thoughts on “Phoneography Challenge: Macro”

  1. I don’t know how you keep up with all the Challenges. How many do you belong to?
    I like flowers that you can enjoy inside and then plant outside. 🙂 The amaryllis is very nice. I don’t do any, but that is what I would do…..if…


      1. I realized that I do 4. lol They are once a week and one is once a month. Yes, gives ideas and keeps us blogging even if we sometimes feel………oh maybe not today. 🙂


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