Weekly Pet Share: A stray cat

Neighbourhood cat-

While I was on my computer the other day doing some photo editing I looked over and saw this cat sneaking over the fence.  I generally have my camera around so just grabbed it and took these photos. They were taken from inside and at the longest lens possible so are a little fuzzy. I tried to sharpen them but I actually like the first one especially anyway.

Neighbourhood cat 1-

Neighbourhood cat 2-

I have seen it around, trying to catch some birds.  I have shown it on another post about chasing the birds after I had thrown out some bread.


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Sunday Stills: Agriculture


This week Ed from Sunday Stills has given us the prompt to showcase our agricultural photos.

These photos were taken at the Clive Show last month.

Pumpkins and corn-7306

I always knew there was a reason for these photos.



Monochrome Madness.


Here is my entry this week for Monochrome Madness, hosted by Leanne at Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY.  Another photo from the Art Deco Weekend.

I took a lot of photos of car mascots.  I heard a few car fans muttering the magic word Lalique.  And sure enough, when I googled it, I found that it is called ‘Tête d’Aigle’ by René Lalique, 1928 which I found at this site:


I loved the lines with this and just wanted the eagle’s head to stand out.

A little more information about Rene Lalique can be found here:


I love his works of art and I hope I have done it justice.

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