Weekly Pet Share: A stray cat

Neighbourhood cat-

While I was on my computer the other day doing some photo editing I looked over and saw this cat sneaking over the fence.  I generally have my camera around so just grabbed it and took these photos. They were taken from inside and at the longest lens possible so are a little fuzzy. I tried to sharpen them but I actually like the first one especially anyway.

Neighbourhood cat 1-

Neighbourhood cat 2-

I have seen it around, trying to catch some birds.  I have shown it on another post about chasing the birds after I had thrown out some bread.


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Pet share 79


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21 thoughts on “Weekly Pet Share: A stray cat”

    1. Thanks, that is my favourite too. I was sitting at my computer when I looked over and saw what was happening. What actually happened was that this cat was following another one. I missed the first one and got this one instead, but it was better as it was black and stood out better.


    1. Hi, thanks Su. Doing well. My daughter is now in Wellington and loving uni. My son is also enjoying EIT as well. Still getting help and counselling with Women’s Refuge. Next week going horse riding as part of empowerment. Free too.

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      1. DOH! I should have read this before I replied to your other comment. I’m so glad things are going well for you all. Enjoy the horse-riding. 🙂


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