Update on Cyclone Pam

Cyclone Pam weather graphic

Just to let everyone know that at the moment it is still quiet.  The rain this morning didn’t last long but we have had a bit of wind.

The cyclone has been downgraded from a category 5 to a category 3 but that it is still huge.  I am fully expecting us to lose power at some stage over night as we have power lines down our street and they will be in for a hammering.  So I will schedule a post and when the power does come back on I will post again.

The hardest part is waiting around for it to hit.  Even the birds have been crazy this afternoon.  They were busy picking grasses and food everywhere.  I have taken a few photos.  Then all of a sudden they flew off.  They know something is on the way.

I have just seen photos of Vanuatu and that is devastated and desperately need help and aid.

I was supposed to go horse riding tomorrow but that has been postponed until next Monday.  I have told my son to check with his college to see if they will be closed for the day as well.  I can’t see many people will be on the roads tomorrow.

So will catch up with everyone after the cyclone has passed,


14 thoughts on “Update on Cyclone Pam”

  1. NO way I could live in that environment, just very strong winds turn me to jelly. Hope the cyclone changes course and blows itself out before it can do any more damage.


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