One Four Challenge: A Thorny Issue.

Thistle in the sunset - Black and white-

This a great challenge to learn about editing photos.  But I am afraid, that this month I am throwing in the towel this week.  There is nothing more that I could do with this other than to go black and white.  My computer froze again the other day while I was working on Photoshop.  Then the next time I booted up the computer it took about 45 minutes while it had to check all the disks.  This black and white image was edited with Lightroom with a preset black and white filter and the vignette.

I have scheduled all these posts as I am not sure if we will be having any power or phone for the next couple of days, so I won’t be able to do any pingbacks


Thanks for visiting.


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12 thoughts on “One Four Challenge: A Thorny Issue.”

      1. I know what you mean by lack of funds, if it is a pc and not a laptop it might be worth taking it to a computer repair shop and get a tune up, might be cheaper than buying a new out right.


  1. Oh Raewyn, computer issues… grumble!!
    Im so happy that youre sticking with it this month and glad youre scheduling.. We’d miss you!
    The mono brings out the detail!! This really has been a thorny month 😜


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