After Cyclone Pam: High surf along the coast

Good afternoon from a cloudy and windy Hastings day.

Cyclone Pam has now moved away from us and has headed to the Chatham Islands where a state of emergency has been declared.  We were lucky and got off relatively lightly compared to Gisborne and especially Vanuatu. There have been deaths many many thousands have lost their homes and basically all their possessions in Vanuatu.  Here is a website with information about donating to the relief effort:

Cyclone Pam: How you can help Vanuatu relief efforts

This morning I headed over to Napier, along Marine Parade to catch the tail end of the cyclone with it’s heavy seas.  It was very loud and still very windy – I had some trouble standing up straight and it was hard without a tripod.  There was some driftwood and debris lying around but I was surprised at the amount of man made rubbish that had been brought in with the high surf.  I had a few hairy moments with my little car being buffeted and had to hold on tight.

Thank to all the good wishes that have been posted on my posts and I appreciate all your thoughts.




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