A Photo a Week: Tilted

Praying Mantis

This week Nancy  from nancy merrill photography has asked us for our tilted photos. I thought I would have had a few but no, only a couple. I must be a more traditional photographer than I thought.

The above photo was taken a while ago and because of where the praying mantis was on the chair it meant having to  use the camera on a tilted angle.  Just looking at the photo I must apologise for the glare – I still really can’t use Photoshop before the computer crashes.

Clouds on high

Then for this photo I was trying to get all the light in the photo of this sunset.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Tilted

Not my best photos this week, but that is all I had.

Thanks for visiting.


16 thoughts on “A Photo a Week: Tilted”

    1. We do have a lot of creepy crawlies here. Especially cockroaches – ugh. I did find a dead cricket on the floor the other day. I haven’t seen one of them since I was a child and threw one over a really crabby teacher. Lol. Thanks for visiting Steve.


  1. Photoshop is a memory hog. If you don’t have a good video card plus a lot of RAM in your computer, it will crash. Sometimes, Photoshop will crash a computer that has plenty of VRAM and RAM, because Adobe products will use everything you’ve got and then want more.

    That’s why I finally gave in and got a new computer. The older ones couldn’t run Photoshop without crashing. I could fix maybe one photo, then I’d get the blue screen of death. You may want to try using different software. It won’t be quite as good as Photoshop, but anything you can run beats out an application that you can’t use. I have had many problems running it, so I’m not surprised.

    That’s a beautiful golden sky. Tilted or not, it’s lovely.


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