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Pakowhai Park (1 of 1)

Good morning from a dark Hastings.  It seems we go back to winter time next week.

Today is a huge day for us Kiwis.  A day to remember for the cricket fans of New Zealand.  Late this afternoon the Black Caps (our national cricket team) takes on Australia in the Cricket World Cup final in Melbourne.  To be honest, I have had enough of the build up and I will not be watching it at all.  I will be watching movies, read my blog or whatever, just to avoid hearing about it.  I would rather read about it tomorrow morning.  But anyway, good luck to the boys.  Do us proud.

Leanne from Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY had a good point for discussion last week.  People are saying it is a shame that they don’t go to all the exotic places in the world for amazing photos.  There are the intrepid photographers who travel the globe to take their photos which are amazing.  But I reckon that there is a lot around where we live that is just as interesting.  I live in Hastings, New Zealand.  We have amazing Art Deco architecture thanks to the 1931 Earthquake which flattened most of Hastings and Napier.  In 15 minutes I am at the beach at Napier.  There are orchards and vineyards around which make for great photos.  Then 5 minutes from Hastings CBD I can visit this little oasis right next door to the express way to Napier. Pakowhai Park.  So you don’t need to travel far for great photo opportunities.  In this blog I focus on this area.  And that is the same today.  Here is some information about Pakowahi Park.


Only 5 minutes drive from Hastings and 15 minutes from Napier on the Pakowhai Road, on the Hastings side of the Ngaruroro River.

What you will find

Paved parking provides access through a gate to unpaved pathways and open grass areas (note that some access may be difficult for prams and wheelchairs).  Features include an island, wetland, bridges, picnic tables. No overnight camping available.

Dogs: Dogs are welcome and the park is a popular dog exercise park, where dogs are permitted to be off leash but must be under the control of their owners. Dog waste bag dispensers are in the park and owners must remove waste.

Pakowhai Regional Park has been enhanced so that people can enjoy the countryside within easy distance of home and it has good views across orchards, river and farmland.  Casual paths crisscross the Raupare Stream over bridges built by HBRC staff as a team building exercise. Many of the native trees were planted by volunteer community groups and schools and there is also a small forestry block.

The park was developed in the former bed of the Ngaruroro River which was diverted 500 m north in a large flood protection project completed in 1969. The Raupere Stream now flows under the old river bridge near the entrance to the park. The park was created by The Landcare Foundation in the 1970s, with support from a group known as Friends of Pakowhai Regional Park who still get involved in planting and other projects.

A walk through the park from the stopbank entrance serves as a memorial to Mr Doug Walker, who was Chairman of HBRC 1992-1996 when he led the development of much of the flood protection work on the Heretaunga Plains. A second pathway has been named for Eileen von Dadelszen QSM, a former Regional Councillor who, with husband Mark, was involved with the Friends of Pakowhai who did a lot of the planting and pathway development in the early years.

Pakowhai Park (2 of 1)

Pakowhai Park (3 of 1)

Pakowhai Park (4 of 1)

Pakowhai Park (5 of 1)

Pakowhai Park (6 of 1)

Pakowhai Park (7 of 1)

Pakowhai Park (8 of 1)

Pakowhai Park (9 of 1)

Pakowhai Park (10 of 1)

These photos were taken last Friday.  So if you can’t afford to travel, then go outdoors and see what you can find. Outdoors could mean your back yard – there is always something to find there, or a local park, or the CBD.  Look around you and you will be amazed what you will see.

This is for Ailsa’s challenge at Where’s my backpack?

Travel theme: Outdoors

Thanks for visiting. I have to go and help my parents again at a school fair so wont have time to visit your blogs, but will do it when the cricket is on.


17 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Outdoors”

  1. Just love the river/stream, flax and reflections Raewyn. I agree with you regarding local photographic opportunities. I have always thought that we venture to what we would call mundane at home and ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ about it. I remember the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, but have never been to Lake Eyre. I know which is easier/cheaper to get to.

    Now as for the cricket…..we are going mini-golfing this afternoon with the family. I’m setting our recorder so that we can watch when we get home. Hoping to get all holes in one so it will be a quick game….of all the Sundays to organise a family day out!!!!!! 🙂 It will be good as there sun is shining for a change. Regardless of who wins (it will be Austraya) I do hope it is a good game also. The Black Caps and an unbeaten record…..formidable. 🙂


    1. Go the Black Caps. No I haven’t seen any cricket. I am focusing on catching up with my comments and the blogs I follow. You will have to come to visit me sometime with MGW – when we win the cricket.


  2. Such a beautiful park Raewyn and you’ve captured all the beauty there so well. Yes, it is true. We don’t have to go far to find the beauty in our surroundings. Thanks for sharing. 😀 ♥


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