Cee’s Oddball Challenge:Week 13

Cars bouncy castle )

Good morning from a sunny Hastings day.

Sad news I’m afraid.  New Zealand was crushed last night by Australia in the Cricket World Cup final.  The dream run has come to an end.  But it was the furtherest New Zealand’s Black Caps have gone so it was a great tournament for us.  I think if we had played in New Zealand it might have been a different ending.  Plus Australia didn’t play fair with their sledging – that is when they try to upset the opposition with their comments.   That is not what the game is about.  Never mind.  Time to move on.  To be honest I was totally over it.  Even the newspaper was full of it – no crosswords at all. I did not watch it.  I had no TV or radio on – I just caught up with my blog and worked on some photos.

The reason I say this is yesterday I spent the morning with my parents at Taradale Primary School village fete.  It was totally boring as it rained heavily for about an hour and no one came.  Then when it did stop and the sun came out the people were more interested in the food and sand painting.  I was soooooo bored.  Luckily I had taken my camera with me so took a lot of photos of umbrellas – there are some great umbrellas out there.  Behind us was an old rusty car and kids paid to go in and beat it up.  The noise drove my mother crazy – she kept asking what that banging was.  Then there was someone who couldn’t sing sung the whole time and it was so loud.

They did have this great bouncy castle. A lot better than the traditional castle.  It was popular with the kids. A great photo for Cee at Cee’s Photography challenge where we find oddball photos.  You can see that the clouds were black and heavy with rain.  Not long after this the heavens opened.

022714 Odd Ball

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2015 Week #13




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