Sunday Stills: Over 100 years

Over 100 (1 of 1)

This week Ed has asked for photos showing something older than 100 years.  So I decided to show the oldest building in Hastings – Stoneycroft.  It is an impressive building than is just on the edge of Hastings.  So here is some information about this old homestead.

Built around 1875, Stoneycroft – a Victorian-styled colonial house at 901 Omahu Road, was the town house of Taihape Road farmer, W J Birch. The original property was 49 acres, but land sold by the various owners since the 1870s, meant the property now has only 2.4 hectares of land.

It is fitting perhaps that Hastings’s oldest house, Stoneycroft, is now the site of the Knowledge Bank, which will assist in preserving the past for the future, by means of computerising pictures, film, biographies and oral histories of Hawke’s Bay.


Sunday Stills the Next Challenge: 100 years +

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9 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: Over 100 years”

  1. That is a beautiful house indeed Raewyn and I love how you captured it. This antique frame is one of my favourites too. 😀 ♥


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