WPC: Blur

Soft rose

Good morning from a cool but sunny Hastings Saturday.

This week The Daily Post has asked us for our blurry photo.  Well, I do have a lot of blurry photos and my black and white post yesterday was deliberately taken out of focus.  This photo was taken at Frimley Rose Garden.  It was out of focus, but I just reduced the clarity and added my favourite vignette.  I like the blurred lines in the rose which really softens the petals.  I also worked on the noise reduction slider too.

This week, share a photo that’s a blur. You could keep your camera out of focus to achieve a blurry photo, or take a photo of something in motion. Or go in a different direction — capture an image of an experience that would otherwise be a blur, or of something in a state of flux.


Going Underground




The Daily Post: Weekly Photo Challenge – Blur

The Daily Post: Weekly Photo Challenge – Blur

It’s All A Blurrrr

#FridayFoto: Religion & The Blurred Lines…

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8 thoughts on “WPC: Blur”

  1. I agree the rose looks so soft when the lines are a bit blurred. She is a beauty – must have a heavenly scent. I miss my “peace” rose trees. They are that creamy yellow with a tinge of pink.


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