Travel Theme: Smooth Waters

Smooth waters (1 of 1)

Good morning from a muggy Hastings morning.  We have finally gone into winter time last night.  Last night I read that we go into summer time the last weekend in September and back into winter time in the first weekend in April.  I think we must have the longest summer time ever.

Last night we were supposed to have a blood moon but it was around 1 – 2 AM for us.  I wasn’t going to stay up for that but here is a brilliant shot from WoollyMuses

This week Ailsa at  Where’s my backpack? has asked us for our smooth photos.  I have so many photos of smooth waters.  This duck looks like it is swimming in a sea of molten gold from the autumn colour reflections.

Smooth waters

This small pond was as smooth as a mirror.

Travel theme: Smooth

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Monochrome of the Day

Monochrome Daisy (1 of 1)

Marilyn from SERENDIPITY has tagged me for this 5 day challenge.  I have already done it but have decided to do a monochrome image every day.  I love monochromes as they can say so much more than the colour images.  As I have already done it I wont be tagging anyone else.

This image was taken at my parents house and loved the way it was back lit from our strong sun.  I love this monochrome look which brings out the details of the leaves.


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