Phoneography Challenge: Nature

Pink Beauty (5 of 1)

Good morning from a sunny Hastings day.  We are now into autumn but we are expecting temperatures in the high 20’s – celsius that is.

Another Monday – or for me Tuesday and that means it it time to show off our photos taken with our cell phones or other non camera devices.

My first two photos were taken at our Women’s Centre.  I had to wait to meet someone and was chatting about setting up a Social Snappers group when I spotted this potted plant.  So guess what I did – take photos of course.  I don’t know if they had even noticed.

Pink beauty (4 of 1)

The colour was so gorgeous.

Clouds (1 of 1)

These clouds were taken yesterday at our local supermarket.  The clouds were amazing.

Clouds (2 of 1)


Phoneography: Nature

The Loch, The Castle & The Monster…

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20 thoughts on “Phoneography Challenge: Nature”

      1. Sneaking around. lol You are just doing what comes naturally. 🙂 I carried my camera on a morning’s walk and didn’t see one darn thing that was interesting. 😦 It takes a special eye.


      2. Do you load the pictures into the blog straight from the camera? It takes me forever to go from camera to computer to resizing etc etc.


      3. No, I load them onto my dodgy computer, then edit them and resize with watermark before loading onto my blog. Very time consuming. Had to delete a lot of photos the other day – this disaster of a computer decided enough was enough and something had to give – and it was my photos. I have backed them up on an external hard drive though.


  1. Ah, Raewyn, that’s what we all do–take pictures of everything everywhere. This afternoon I was squatting outside in front of our house, trying to get a photo of a feather. I like all your shots.



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