Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: St Matthews Church

St Matthews Info Sheet (1 of 1)



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Churches or Any Religious Building

St Alban’s Abbey




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One Word Photo Challenge: Copper

Copper leaf (1 of 1)

Copper face (1 of 1)

Copper tips (1 of 1)

Good morning from a wet and cloudy Hastings.

I am a bit late today as I was setting up a new website to showcase my images and hopefully sell them on iTunes.  It is a competition that I entered via http://www.viewbug.com/.

It is an online community for amateur and professional photographers.  It is free to join and you can upload up to 10 photos a week.  I am on the first level where I pay about $75 a year for unlimited uploads.  There are competitions to enter – which I do, but never win.  That doesn’t matter as it is interesting to see what other photographers are doing and also learn a bit more about the possibilities of editing etc. You can check out more of my photos here:


Enough about that.  Here is my entry today for Jennifers challenge where we are coming to the end of her colour series.  As we are going into autumn I have found a lot of dead copper coloured leaves lying on the ground, as well as still on the tree.

The middle image is from a sculpture that is in the CBD.  It is conical in shape and covered with all these faces.  A bit spooky really.


One Word Photo Challenge: Copper

One Word Photo Challenge: Copper

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One Four Challenge: Review Month


This is a great challenge to learn or stretch our editing muscles for our images.  This challenge is hosted by Robyn over at


I had some successes over the past few months that I have participated in this challenge:

On four challenge (640x470)

November’s photo

original (640x485)

December’s photo


Week 4
Week 4

February’s image

Week 1
Week 1

But  this last image was a big failure.  It was taken during the golden hour in the evening but it was a bit windy which meant that the shutter speed wasn’t enough to really freeze it.  I gave up in the 4th week as I was having major problems with my computer.  So this week I backed up all my photos to an external hard drive and deleted a lot of photos.  This really did lighten the load for my poor computer.  Which also meant it didn’t mind me using Photoshop again.

So after spending several hours on this final image I came up with this.

Final Image for March

I ended up using one of the preset filters – a sketch filter to outline the thistles and played around with layers.  I did go and find some free textured papers for the grunge look.

So what have I learnt with this.  You do need to have a good image to start with.  I think my most successful month was the dandelion image.  That did have a lot more potential. I found with this last month the black and white edit seemed to be the end of the road.  Which is why for this last edit I just went a bit abstract.

Let me know what you think of my first real edit with Photoshop CC.

I have managed to do these tags but they were just basically background papers, stamps and text boxes.  Plus I played around a bit with text styles.

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