One Word Photo Challenge: Copper

Copper leaf (1 of 1)

Copper face (1 of 1)

Copper tips (1 of 1)

Good morning from a wet and cloudy Hastings.

I am a bit late today as I was setting up a new website to showcase my images and hopefully sell them on iTunes.  It is a competition that I entered via

It is an online community for amateur and professional photographers.  It is free to join and you can upload up to 10 photos a week.  I am on the first level where I pay about $75 a year for unlimited uploads.  There are competitions to enter – which I do, but never win.  That doesn’t matter as it is interesting to see what other photographers are doing and also learn a bit more about the possibilities of editing etc. You can check out more of my photos here:

Enough about that.  Here is my entry today for Jennifers challenge where we are coming to the end of her colour series.  As we are going into autumn I have found a lot of dead copper coloured leaves lying on the ground, as well as still on the tree.

The middle image is from a sculpture that is in the CBD.  It is conical in shape and covered with all these faces.  A bit spooky really.


One Word Photo Challenge: Copper

One Word Photo Challenge: Copper

Copyright Raewyn Forbes

10 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Copper”

  1. I’ve never won anything on viewbug either. It’s still interesting to enter and see what others are submitting. Haven’t used the site in awhile though.

    On another note. I love your copper. The light shining through the leaves in the last one is stunning.


    1. Thanks Jennifer. I have decided to get back into it – then I got the chance to enter this competition and set up a website to sell my images. Plus I was invited to join Shutterstock as well. You never know what comes up

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  2. Great shot Raewyn! The last one is my favourite of all. I love rainy weather and we’ve been having some lovely rains this side as well. Just the right weather for soup and pancakes. 😆

    Thanks for reminding me of Viewbug. LOL! I haven’t been there in quite a while. Between WP and FB I can’t keep up. Love the photos you have in your gallery. Wishing you all the best hon. Go for it! 😀 ♥


  3. I looked at your pages. I like them all but really like the one that had a field with a fence and big tall grasses prominent in the foreground. Hope you win something.


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