Travel Theme: One colour

Pink Beauty (2 of 1)

Good morning from a cold sunny Hastings day.

Yesterday it was actually cold  when I went to Cornwall Park with my daughter.  We had a great time wandering around taking photos. For the first time we met another photographer.  I got a chance to have a look at the Nikon P900 with 83 X zoom.  It was definitely a lot bigger than my P600, especially the zoom.

Anyway this was taken in the hot house.  I could spend hours there just taking photos. Great for Ailsa’s challenge at Where’s my backpack?

One colour (1 of 1)

These flowers were there the last time I was at the park.  They do try to have different flowers in there.

All green with envy (1 of 1)

Then there is the greenery at Pakowhai Park.  The reflections of the willows were amazing.

Red skies in the morning (1 of 1)

And we have been having some very red skies in the morning.

Travel theme: One Colour

Travel Theme Challenge: One Color

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12 thoughts on “Travel Theme: One colour”

  1. Love the colours of your flowers but adore the willow trees and their reflections. I planted some in memory of my Father while on the farm…out ten years or so years ago. We had a weeping willow in the back garden and a crazy willow which took over our televisions tower and became a nuisance.


  2. Great shots as always Raewyn and I love the reflections of the willow in the water. I can see you had a fun day. 😀 ♥


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