Phoneopgraphy Challenge: Macro

Red Trumpet

Good morning from a chilly Hastings day.  Winter has arrived in New Zealand.  Yesterday we had a lot of rain, but also sunshine but it never really warmed up.  The South Island is covered in snow. Today we are expected to be cold.  So yesterday I made a point of buying matches and a little bit of firewood as we have absolutely no form of heating at all.  Only a woodburner.  Last year we had a heat pump as well as a wood pellet fire which was a lot more economical.

So for Sally’s challenge at Lens and Pens by Sally I have gone for some bright fiery colours of this flower that was creeping over the fence.

Red Trumpet

Red Trumpet

Red Trumpet


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Copyright Raewyn Forbes

19 thoughts on “Phoneopgraphy Challenge: Macro”

  1. Those photos and those colors should have cheered your day immensely, Raewyn. I like them all and I like your new signature (which isn’t new today, I suppose, but I’m commenting on it today.) 🙂



      1. I have Photoshop CC which is a monthly subscription. I am hoping that Lightroom is an online platform and that my photos are safe online with them. I am spending hours uploading them on my external hard drive as at some stage I need a new computer.


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