Cee’s Fun Fotos: Close Ups

Yellow Poppy (1 of 1)

Here is my entry for Cee’s challenge at Cee’s Photography for this week which is close ups.  Yesterday the wind had died down so I went to Frimley Park to find some new photos.  I found some poppies just starting to bloom.  I will be going back in a couple of days to take some more photos for Poppy Day which I think is this Friday, the Friday before ANZAC day.

Pink buds (1 of 1)-2

White Pansy (1 of 1) Enjoying the autumn sun (1 of 1)

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Close Ups


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Close Ups of Sydney


Spring in Close Up


Madonna and Child


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One Word Photo: Eigengrau

Bathing Beauties (1 of 1)

Good morning from a warmer windier Hastings day.

This week is the last week for Jennifer’s colour challenge at Jennifer Nichole Wells.  It has been a fun challenge coming up with photos that show that particular colour.  For this last week I thought it would be a difficult colour to find.  Then I remembered this photo I took a couple of weeks at Cornwall Park.

One Word Photo Challenge: Eigengrau

One Word Photo Challenge: Eigengrau (dark gray)


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