Friday’s Florals: Poppy Day

In Flanders Field (800x600)


RSA volunteers exchange distinctive red poppies for a donation to the RSA Poppy Day appeal in support of veterans as well as ex-service people and their families in need.

The poppy reminds us of sacrifices made – both past and present. Poppies were the first flowers that grew in the battlefields of Flanders in Belgium during World War One and are a symbol of remembrance and hope.

Poppy Day has been a part of the New Zealand calendar since 1922, making it one of the oldest nationwide appeals.

Poppy Day is usually held each year on the Friday before Anzac Day. Poppy Day 2015 will be held on Friday 17 April.

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Friday's Florals

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5 thoughts on “Friday’s Florals: Poppy Day”

  1. Our Poppy Day used to be Memorial Day, which was originally Decoration Day — May 30th and began to honor the dead from our Civil War, then became honoring the WWI veterans, now honoring all veterans of all wars and there have been so many. That poem always gets me.


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