Travel Theme:Centre

Simple white beauty )

Good morning from a sunny Hastings day.

On Friday we had the most glorious autumn day, warm and sunny so I headed to Cornwall Park to find some poppies.  There were a couple out, but not as many as I thought there would be.  Even late morning they were still covered in a heavy dew.

So these photos fit Ailsa’s theme at Where’s my backpack?

Last of the night's dew

Lunch time

Ok, this last one is slightly off centre but there is a bug in the centre of this poppy.

Enjoying the sunshine (1 of 1)

Last of the night's dew

Travel theme: Centre

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19 thoughts on “Travel Theme:Centre”

  1. Beautiful photography.. 🙂 Spring is a glorious time of year here in the Northern Hemisphere.. I adore poppies.. 🙂 Many thanks for dropping by Dreamwalker’s. I thank you for your visit


    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting. We are into autumn. These poppies are to commemorate our ANZAC day – where Australia and New Zealand remember our brave soldiers. The colours at the moment around town are just so bright and beautiful.


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