Cee’s Oddball Photos


Good morning from a gorgeous sunny Hastings day.

It has been a bad start for me today.  I have delivered a blow of death to my computer. I think it is ironic that last week I had an image of my morning cuppa for Sunday Still’s challenge. Well, this morning’s cuppa ended up over my computer. Ouch.  Now it is mega slow and no use editing any photos at all. I struggled with Photoshop over the weekend anyway. The click of death made sure of that. Now I most definitely need a new computer. My son is looking at the new MacBook that is coming out. So I will probably inherit his old lap book which has better specs than what I have now.  We will have a big discussion about this tonight. 

So in the meantime I will have my scheduled Monochrome of the Day and will try to do some posts with my iPad. Not the same though. 

I managed to find this spider web yesterday at Pakowhai Park. There were several of them and they all had the holes in them. Perfect for Cee’s Oddball Challenge. 


19 thoughts on “Cee’s Oddball Photos”

      1. My son set it up to boot up in Windows 7. A lot faster though. He has posted the photos of my murdered laptop on his Facebook page. His sister is so jealous that he is getting the new MacBook. Win for him.

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      2. I’ve only recently got a Mac Mini and it takes a bit of getting used to after only ever using windows. Itunes is much much faster which is a major bonus!


  1. Bad luck about your computer. I find my PC so much more relaxing to use than my new tablet, an enirely different system and difficult to find tutes online. I hope you get something that lets you continue posting happily.


  2. All clouds have a silver lining.. Sorry to hear about your PC… but hopefully all will work out well for you and your son in newer equipment 🙂 Have a lovely week
    Regards Sue


    1. Thanks Cee. Not a good photo this week. I had to use my iPad which isn’t so good. Anyway I have got my son’s old computer so I am happy. It has better specs so runs a lot faster.


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